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Language and speech developed over millions of years in an endeavour to improve communication between people. Today, hundreds of official languages exist, thousands if you add dialects; English being the undisputed “International” language. All require some type of understanding or decoding and all require a lot of work to memorise, let alone master.

There is a single Universal language that requires no decoding, no training, Music. Two people can listen to a beautiful piece of music and become one. Music is the most powerful medium that transforms enemies into friends, allowing us to celebrate our common traits rather than profit from our differences.

Some four years ago, at the insistence of my daughter I attended a performance at the Barbican, London by the Classical Opera, a company started 14 years ago by Ian Page. Apart from enjoying an exquisite evening of divine music, I also discovered that the Classical Opera and DFW had some common themes.

Firstly the Classical Opera concentrates on Mozart and his contemporaries, 18th century music. Secondly, it uses period instruments, the authenticity of the sound makes any performance a rather unique occasion. Thirdly, it is a stated objective of the company to nurture and cultivate young artists, give them a start in their musical life and coach them how to be the best.

I saw some parallels with the DFW journey in that we are dealing with authentic concepts that would be good for humankind, just like listening to an exquisite piece of Mozart would transcend a human being to somewhere sacred, somewhere where there are no shortages, no negativity. Ian Page gives up his time and cultivates young artists to interpret timeless music, is the same as in the FLW program we take young students to teach them valuable skills to face life with Integrity, without fear, without negativity without guilt.

The fact that I am very partial to Mozart and also my bias that Opera is by far the best art form, where human emotions, divine music, singing & acting all come together to simply produce magic, caused me to accept the Chairmanship of the Classical Opera for the last 2 years.

Most people would not disagree with my sentiments about the positive effects of music on our moods and feelings. For me music represents much more than that. In the darkest moments of my life I would turn to music to find inspiration to continue on my path, if I needed to discover strength and resolve then listening to an opera or one of my favourite Arias would create the desired connection. After watching any performance I would have the feeling of Hope restored within me, at a higher level than rational thinking would achieve. I would feel closer to a divine source of power when listening to a Mozart piece than if I was to read some contradictory scripture.

Mozart was arguably the greatest musician and the greatest natural talent the world has ever seen, and he lives on through the immortal music he composed. In his operas he celebrates the strength and beauty of the human spirit and he laughs affectionately and sympathizes with our weaknesses, but he never judges. He was consumed by the importance and redemptive power of forgiveness, and he sought through his music to turn evil into good, turn a despot into a good ruler; This is the real power of music when it permeates the souls of our existence.

Classical Opera work is far more than just interpreting music. When you look at the world today, you see a world where fear, hardship, conflicts define our very existence. If our political and business leaders were to embrace the works of similar companies like Classical Opera’s then there would be no negativity when faced with decisions or putting together business plans. May be we should force the so called leaders to attend a performance, a concert, an opera so that they can rediscover hope, positiveness and human values.

I dare say that if a company produces a Business Plan that includes 2 additional items then that company will have a greater chance to be more successful, sustainably successful. These two items are “How to reduce Unemployment” and "Support Arts".

In a world characterized by negative values, the answers can be found in Music.

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