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The Dream for the World (DFW) is a personal endeavour by George Koukis to make each one of us and the World at large, aware of the pressing issues we are facing today and the need for real actions. DFW is a voice for Humanity. DFW is a cry for the restoration of Hope, Dignity and Integrity in our daily lives.

What we face today is nothing more than the symptoms of a great planetary disease, that unless we are to do something about the disease we will end up in civil unrest. The demonstrations and/or destruction of property that we have seen lately in Greece, UK, France, Tunisia, Egypt, Italy and others that will follow, is nothing more than a cry for help of people who have lost HOPE.

When you lose Hope you do not respect Law & Order and once you lose respect for Law & Order, it becomes the law of the jungle.

After spending all my life in Corporate life, trying to build a business, be a good citizen, have a family, pay my taxes and do the same things that all people do, I have seen trends that worry me, these need to be addressed through open debate. What makes these issues vital for the future is that we operate within a very complex social system that puts up more barriers and creates more issues.

There is not a single Role Model person in our world today in Politics, Business, Religion, Clubs, Sports, Arts and Social Structures that our young people can look up and say, “I will be like him or her”. Some Art related people could be exempted from this generalisation but commercialisation takes over and like rust corrupts them.

Those in a Leadership position are more keen to make Short-Term decisions that ensures them a personal good life style than creating opportunities in the long term for many. This Short-Term mentality is an incubator for greediness as it maximizes Return-on-Investment (ROI) where in reality we should be making decisions for the next 100, 500, or 1000 years and concentrate on the same ROI but with a different focus, Return-on-Integrity.

The Lack of Integrity trend that I have observed all my life has caused the current situation which no one addresses.

We are facing the greatest financial crisis ever, we have acute local conflicts, famine at an inhuman rate, overpopulation, sovereign debt, unemployment, crime and so on. We have solved none of these the last 70 years despite technological advancements.

We live in a world of upside values. What governs our daily lives is mostly FEAR. Fear of losing our jobs, fear of our country going bust, lack of security, terror, famine, prejudice, poverty, crime. Instead of waking up each morning and being positive, innovative, think of how to create jobs, help others, etc. we wake up thinking how can I take care of myself and my family and I do not care less about anyone else. This thinking will create a conflict situation not too long from now.

DFW through open debate, publication of books and articles, seminars, specialised educational programs, eminent personalities opinions, intends to contribute as much as possible to a new Code of Existence, a new value system to ensure that our children and grandchildren will inherit a better world than what we inherited from our forefathers.

George Koukis

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