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DFW was conceived to be of service to the community. Some of the activities, programs, charity work are designed to be a point of inspiration to others. Here are some of the projects that DFW as a major sponsor has supported:


The Arthritis Research UK is a shining star amongst charities that claim to be helping people in need. Their dedication, commitment, community spirit are a refreshing experience as to compared to those who collect money that never reaches the needy. AR UK are dedicated to finding solutions for Rheumatism sufferers including Rheumatoid Arthritis a condition that my family is particularly interested in.

AR UK - Uveitis Project.

This project is directly linked with children who lose their eyesight because of Rhematoid Arthritis.

AR UK - LUPUS Project.

We have funded an entire project led my Professor Tim Vyse where the genes of Lupus sufferers were compared to the healthy genes. The report will be due soon and we are keen of its findings.

AR UK – Gala Dinner

An annual event to increase public awareness about Arthritis.

Future Leaders for the World

This project is the brainchild of Stefano D’ Anna. We have sponsored students from all over the world.


An idea conceived by Elissavet Arsenian. The legendary story of Pinnochio was staged in Greece to remind everyone that the ills faced by Greece and other countries around the world are self-inflicted “the truth is under our nose”. A brilliant event staged solely by volunteers.


This project was the brainchild of Ian Page from the Classical Opera. The manuscript that exists doe not have a beginning nor an end. Mozart wrote this opera when he was 14 but he never finished it. The existing music and arias are sublime, specifically the “Ruhe Sanft, Mein Holdes Leben” is one of the best Arias ever written, in my opinion. After years of research, Ian Page decided to complete the opera and I loved the idea. I can understand anyone who may disagree but at least we presented the opera to the people who otherwise will never had the opportunity to be exposed to the magic of Mozart.

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