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When I conceived the idea of the Dream for the World (DFW), I realized that the only way to achieve results was through Education. I wanted to do something on a bigger scale but not like all other educational institutions, I wanted something different, specially designed courses to develop younger people, to teach them the art of making decisions for Eternity rather than short term, as if we serve a higher purpose rather than making money only.

Through events that can only be explained if you believe in luck or fate, I met Stefano D’ Anna who at that time was the rector in a private university. I invited Stefano to a dinner knowing that it will be enjoyable because Stefano is someone who is not only gracious and intelligent but when you meet him for first time you have the impression that you have known him all your life. So, having a good time was a certainty, anything else was a bonus for me.

Over dinner, I had a single objective, to find out if Stefano liked Challenges! We discussed many important topics, starting with how I built TEMENOS and then moving to the importance of Philosophy. To this day, every meeting with Stefano results in long conversations, we always run out of time but at the end the memories of these meetings linger for a long time. Stefano, the teacher, the philosopher, a most brilliant conversationist, who can eloquently recall all pertinent material about any subject.

Me the person who believes that without a correct philosophical base you cannot achieve anything of substance except mediocrity, had dealt with all these subject matters in a real face-to-face situation. I have seen many people in my life that believe they are special or have special talents but they proceed to serve themselves by creating destruction and havoc. History is littered by great leaders that fall into two categories, those that act with Integrity history recalls them as Great and those with questionable integrity who are labeled Villains. The true Dreamer creates Harmony from Chaos, Peace from Conflict…I guess that’s why I adore Mozart!

The dinner started at 7 pm and by 4 am we decided to have a break and reconvene for breakfast. By 8:00 am Stefano appears fresh as ever and hands me 20 pages of a write up that he had done after we parted at 4:00 am!! Instead of going to sleep he wrote up 20 pages, two days later the notes have gown to 40 pages and then it grew each time he remembered something else.

As the end the fusion of our ideas created an enormous explosion. Stefano had a great idea to develop the Future Leaders for the World program and in subsequent meetings we decided that this book would be ideal to become the reading platform of any aspiring FLW person.

The book will be published in Turkish, Greek, Italian, French and German in near future.

The DFW book is about self discovery, Integrity and problem resolution. If the tenets of the DFW were to be applied then there would be no Financial Crisis, no Sovereign debt, no Unemployment, no Crime, no Hypocrisy or any other ills that we are experiencing today.

The book is about re-building one’s self from scratch by evaluating what you have been told since birth, it is a realization that each one of us is so powerful that we can change even physical laws. What is stopping us from achieving our potential is outdated thinking; it is acceptance of defunct ideas, corrupt philosophies and dogmas; what is stopping us is greed and power for today and not a better world 1000 years from now.

Like Mozart, we have a libretto, a story line that we can interpret it in our way. The music that we will create reflects your interpretation of the libretto. I faced the same issues when putting together a Business Plan; I could make it to be pleasing to my financiers or I could make it a timeless guide for my soul. TEMENOS was not a great success because we developed better systems, or better implementation plans. TEMENOS was a success because I celebrated human endeavour, the human spirit.

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